Short Tour

From the very start of our marriage and deployments/TDY’s/Short tours… something has always seemed to go wrong. Weather big or small it’s something. Very first 4 month deployment got a flat tire twice, had to get a new starter, and the AC goes out in the mid of a South Carolina summer. I’m sure some can see this. 21 year old newly married couple, new airman, and new environment. We’ve come a long way in just about 10yrs!

Anyhow… the hubby is doing his short tour in South Korea. Mid tour just ended. I had to have surgery. Thankfully he was home! Had a blast and was so happy he was able to come home. Had a few days of adjustment.

What are some of the things you ran into while your spouse was deployed?


About me and… about you

Being a spouse of a dedicated Airman I find it difficult to meet people after PCSing. Not having children makes it a little harder to connect with other spouses. In a short 9 years we have been to three different bases (2 for me and 3 for him). I sometimes think he does not understand this. Him being the active duty service member he with people he has ran into before or forced into an environment of comradery already. I find a lot of other spouses with my same feeling. I’m currently at Sheppard AFB in Texas. This April with be my 5yr mark. ready to move to Nellis AFB, NV. Where are some of you stationed and what do you find makes your base/post more livable?

What it’s all about

I created this blog for military spouses and their families. It is a blog to connect with other military spouses and have questions answered. From common questions about bases/posts and locations to FYI’s and opinions. You may even want to vent a little (be my guest). I will not tolerate bashing.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will return.